Arowana Discus Tank Arowana Breeder Tips You Should Know

In general, Arowanas are classified according to their three colors. These would include red, green and silver. The red will be those Arowanas with scales under the shade of red, like the golden Arowana, or the red Arowanas. For the silver color, it will include those Arowanas with dull colors, like the black Arowana. Then, there are the green ones.

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Top arowana discus tank Breeder Information You Need to know and Image Gallery

Although Arowanas have been popular as aquarium pets for decades now, most owners do not actually understand how to provide the best Arowana care for their Arowanas. Considered as “living fossils”, Arowanas are believed to have existed 60 million years ago because according to scientists, the fossils of their ancestors were found to have lived 130 million years ago. This probably explains why there are now seven existing Arowana species as they have been able to adapt to their environment as ages passed.

Arowanas regardless of their species still prefer to live on tropical environment with tropical diet and temperatures. An Asian Arowana, for example, needs larger ponds to breed and will not breed if confined only on aquariums. They want to have that feel free environment to mate and very particular with temperature of their water. A silver Arowana, on the other hand, can live superbly in a tank and can have a tank mate as long as it lives on warm, clean water with proper Arowana care. In this manner, we have to have natural approach for Arowanas to be able to make them healthy during captivity. We must also know what things to avoid when rearing them. The following are the factors you should also consider.

1. All Arowanas need temperature that is most likely the same as with the temperature of tropical freshwaters. They prefer water with approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit or equivalent to 27 degree Celsius. Avoid water to go beyond or below than this temperature because Arowanas can easily have diseases and their colors will likely to fade if their water temperature is not suitable for them.

2. Avoid putting in water into their aquarium that are too acidic or too saline because this can affect their feeding habits. This can also contribute to the proliferation of fish aquarium diseases.

3. In Arowana feeding, do not feed them live animals that have not been bred on pet shops or rearing laboratories because animals that are caught outdoors can have parasites in them especially the small fishes, frogs and insects. Also avoid feeding them daily in large amount as this can compromise water quality in the aquarium. Once a day can be convenient for small feeding but if live animals are fed, every other day is sustainable.

4. Arowanas love to live alone and extremely territorial so do not put two Arowanas in a small tank or even in a large tank because as they grow larger and older their territorial instincts become stronger. The proper Arowana care can help to avoid having an excessive aggressive fish.

5. When decorating your aquarium, an important part of good Arowana care is to try not to put too many decorations inside just to be able to have an attractive aquarium. Although in the wild Arowanas are found among shallow waters that are littered with rocks, water plants and reeds, in captivity putting artificial or natural objects may interfere with their movements as Arowanas are constant movers.

arowana discus tank have many kind of different types. This post will give you the best image currently available out there! We gather many images with some of the most fascinating model around the internet.

Here our collection of arowana discus tank Image Gallery

discus freshwater aquarium kings – Discus Freshwater Aquarium Kings,

hash=item27e4c5b8ca g 8L8AAOxyYYlRruAA – Aquarium Arowana Biopor Active Bacteria 100g Discus,

watch v=N0MPbMSSx70 – Discus tank with Arowana & Elephant Nose,

respond – Qian Hu Fish Farm Aquarium Singapore Travel Singapore,

black arowana and discus – Black Arowana and Discus,

asian arowana parts – All about betta fish Asian arowana rts,

1 – Arowana Fish For sale United States Pets 1,

– Setting up Aquascape Aquarium with Arowana Fish,

– Global Arowana Breeding Farm malaysia aquarium,

watch v=rfisgzhy2To – Arowana and Discus tank,

black arowana and discus – Black Arowana and Discus,

watch v=VQgV00rivbs – Indigo Super Red Arowana munity Tank,

black arowana and discus – Black Arowana and Discus,

black arowana and discus – Black Arowana and Discus,

black arowana and discus – Black Arowana and Discus,

some of my predators 493 – Some of my PREDATORS,

black arowana and discus – Black Arowana and Discus,

watch v=Kgf28f8z23U – discus Fresh water planted aquarium tropical fish salt,

arowana fish tank matestml – Arowana Fish Tank Mates,

discus fish for sale townsville red arowana fishes also available for sale for sale in townsville – discus fish for sale townsville Red Arowana fishes also,

watch v=sdgzrBugFn4 – Arowana & Discus & Cichlid tank,

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