Smart Strategies About Arowana Hb for Arowana Breeder You Should Know

In general, Arowanas are classified according to their three colors. These would include red, green and silver. The red will be those Arowanas with scales under the shade of red, like the golden Arowana, or the red Arowanas. For the silver color, it will include those Arowanas with dull colors, like the black Arowana. Then, there are the green ones.

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  • Grooming tips to bring out the championship shine in your Arowana – what you need to know about color, dimensions, blemishes, uniqueness, personality and age in your Arowana.
  • What you need to know when setting up your Arowana tank – living conditions, choice of fish tank, filtration, aeration and decorations
  • What you need to know about keeping a few Arowanas in a community tank.
  • Understanding your Arowana’s behavior – what is it trying to tell you and what you can do to provide help before disaster strikes.
  • Know what other fishes you can keep harmoniously with your Arowana and what fishes you should never put them together with!
  • How to Keep your water condition perfect!
  • Spotting common Arowana illnesses and how to drop them in their tracks!
  • Feeding Information – How to bring our a natural shine and deeply saturated colors!

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Recommended arowana hb Care Information You Should Know including Picture Gallery

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of entering a room featuring a properly housed Arowana in a well maintained tank, chances are your first impression remains embedded in your mind. A sense of awe at the majesty of the fish and it’s commanding, graceful presence can overcome the uninitiated during first Arowana contact. Sound like a slightly other-worldly experience? Their enormity and beauty, mythical ties and legendary effects on their owners and their environment suggests a fascinating magical element at work in the Arowana’s allure.

The Benefits of an Aquarium

For over twenty years, studies have verified the health benefits of keeping aquarium fish. Scientific research has confirmed that gazing at aquarium fish reduces stress as well as blood pressure. Fish are commonly kept in doctors’ offices to reduce patients’ anxiety levels. Dental offices displaying fish report their patients require less pain medication. Watching fish can soothe children afflicted with hyperactive disorders. It can also improve the condition of Alzheimer’s patients and help seniors maintain good health. The therapeutic benefits of aquarium fish are virtually indisputable.

The Extraordinary Arowana

The subtle but genuine health benefits of gazing at aquarium fish represent just some of the positive effects of keeping Arowanas. Their brilliant coloration, iridescent scales, distinct chin barbels and serpentine swimming style are all reminiscent of the ancient, mythical Dragon. Arowanas are considered the embodiment of this celebrated creature according to Asian and Chinese lure. They are typically referred to as “Dragon Fish.” The legendary ability of the Dragon to ward off evil and attract good luck, prosperity and happiness has been transferred to the Arowana by means of association.

Feng Shui and the Dragon Fish

Feng Shui experts also acknowledge the benefits of keeping Arowana. Feng Shui is an ancient art that has been practiced and perfected for thousands of years. It involves the placement of elements within living spaces for the benefit of those inhabiting them. Feng Shui aims to achieve harmony, a connection with the environment, and a beneficial flow of energy throughout the areas in which we work and live.

Water is a basic and beneficial Feng Shui element, while both fish and the dragon symbolize wealth, success and prosperity. The union of water and Dragon Fish in an Arowana tank is a powerful combination with a great deal of potential for producing positive effects. Not only will the Arowana tank attract prosperity, but a clear and healthy aquarium adds beauty and natural balance to the surrounding area in which it is placed.

The Ultimate Fish Keeping Experience

In addition to the health benefits of keeping fish and the auspicious nature of the Arowana, they are also a great source of pride to their owners. Keeping a healthy Dragon Fish tank is perhaps the epitome of fish keeping accomplishment and excellence.

For starters, Arowanas are costly especially the Asian Arowanas. The asian variety is one of the most sought after fish in the aquarium industry, and their protected status due to endangerment in the wild makes them all the more difficult to procure. Arowanas must be specially bred in highly regulated, specialized farms. Depending on the species and quality of the fish, prices typically range to the thousands of dollars.

Keeping such a rare and expensive fish requires a level of confidence and fortunately this can be easily acquired in no time. Arowanas are aggressive and typically reach more than three feet in length in captivity. They require large, immaculately kept tanks to thrive and are generally kept as single species specimens but these days, I am seeing more hobbyist including tank mates. Hobbyist and professional Arowana keepers alike attest to the demands Arowana keeping makes on time, space, and financial resources.

Most Arowana keepers will also insist the rewards of their hobby far exceed the costs. They wholeheartedly embrace their burdens and enjoy serving the needs of these magnificent fish. Arowanas are arguably unequaled in beauty, and their longevity often allows for the development of a powerful, enduring bond between owners and their fish. More than any other fish, Arowanas inspire their owners to evolve from casually interested hobbyists into lifestyle converts passionately devoted to the service of the Kings of the Aquarium World.

If you are searching for arowana hb. This post will give you the best picture currently available out there! We put together many images with some of the most amazing image around the internet.

Enjoy our collection of arowana hb Image Gallery

ramadhan sale diskaun untuk highback – ASSAKINAH AROWANA RAMADHAN SALE Diskaun Untuk,

showthread 7732 Sharing my Gold B4 and after 8month – Sharing my Gold B4 and after 8month,

super highback golden – AROWANA SUPER HIGHBACK GOLDEN,

mg blue base – Malaysian Golden Arowana & Udang Galah Sungai MG Blue Base,

hb arowana and 4ft tank – HB arowana and 4ft tank,

showthread t= &page=2 – Newbies learning types of arowana Page 2 Arofanatics,

showthread t= – HB Golden x Flowerhorn x VATF x Tigrinus munity lots,

showthread t= – HB Golden x Flowerhorn x VATF x Tigrinus munity lots,

aquaria klcc – Curiosity Kills Aquaria KLCC,

showthread t= &page=2 – Newbies learning types of arowana Page 2 Arofanatics,


kolam mgbb kolam hb hb anak mgbb cross – Malaysian Golden Arowana & Udang Galah Sungai,

kolam mgbb kolam hb hb anak mgbb cross – Malaysian Golden Arowana & Udang Galah Sungai,

highback golden quality – 017 880 3115 Made Arowana Highback Golden Quality,

my hb rtg and a few randoms – My HB RTG and a few randoms,

assalamualaikum wbt – Desert Rabbit Its My Life Arowana Kelisa,

showthread t= – My HBRTG and RED Arowana Updates Arofanatics Fish Talk,

showthread t= – share my HB RTG Arofanatics Fish Talk Forums,

highback golden quality – 017 880 3115 Made Arowana Highback Golden Quality,

95 platinum florida gar – 9 5" Platinum Florida Gar Big Aqua,

super highback golden – AROWANA SUPER HIGHBACK GOLDEN,

t1572 my arowana – My Arowana,

uv uv – Arowana อโรวาน่า ปลาอโรวาน่า อะโรวาน่า หลอดUV หลอดฆ่า,

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