Arowana Vs Flowerhorn Arowana Breeder Information Wish I Had Known

The arowana fish has a wide following of adoring arowana admirers all over the world. Since the market for arowanas has increased and also the price of an arowana has been steadily increasing we are now seeing more arowana for sale ads online.

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Brilliant arowana vs flowerhorn Care Information You Need to know including Picture Gallery

The arowana fish is a formidable hunter in its natural habitats. Putting it in a tank with other fishes had proven to be a tricky endeavour; arowanas are meat eaters and highly territorial. However, knowing how the arowana behaves in the wild, one might be equipped with the knowledge on how to keep arowanas in harmony with other fishes. One thing to consider, as what had already been said, is its territoriality. An arowana does not want any other arowana in sight, for they will most likely compete and fight with each other — something a fish keeper does not want to happen. However, it was shown that in groups in at least four or five fishes, the aggressive behavior are subdued.

Another thing with the arowana fish is that they it loves meat; they are carnivores. Driven by its natural instinct, therefore, one already knows that it is most likely to devour smaller and more vulnerable fishes in the tank. Knowing that, one must, as much as possible, keep the arowana away from smaller fishes. This does not mean, however, that the arowana is meant to live alone. One thing we can use to the tank’s advantage is that the arowana is a surface feeder; it spends most of its time in the surface.

Given specifications about different varieties and species of domestic fishes, one is ought to find middle and bottom dwellers to go with an arowana. For instance, fishes like the blue ram, dwarf cory, or snow tetra will not only bring color to a tank, but also prove to be good companions since they are middle dwellers. In addition, bottom feeders like the janitor fish is also a good companion not only to the arowana fish, but also to the fish keeper as well; it helps with the maintenance.

Who thought that a big strange fish will attract thousands of admirers and hobbyists? Just look at the arowana fish and one will know why. It resembles the crust dragon, which is a symbol of power and good fortune. People associated this with the art of feng shui and how could one harness its luck attracting energy. This is why in Hong Kong; the belief is strong that any kind or variety of the arowana brings in luck and good energy in a household. That is why the trade for the arowanas is booming.

Most arowanas from the Asian stock have bright flaming colors which are even more identifiable with the crust dragon. This is why people are going crazy over this arowana fish, but consequently, they are having smaller and smaller populations. In fact, the Asian varieties are now being micro chipped to easily track them for the best ones can cost up to $6,000! Definitely the price tells much of this fish, as it requires specialized care; they are not the typical pet fishes. They are known to be great hunters of the Amazon, and a responsible pet owner is ought not to drastically change that environment in the arowana’s tank. Few may the numbers be of the Asian stock, but newer stocks like the South American (closer to the arapaima) and Australian (usually rusty gold) are being bred now; all just as beautiful but not really endangered.

Many people want the arowana fish for its believed auspicious powers, or just because of its sheer beauty. This also leads many breeders to produce inferior and substandard varieties, all being led by desires for profits and capital. Sad this truth may be, this compels an aspiring hobbyist to be careful with choosing the arowana to buy.

There are lots of great selection out there about arowana vs flowerhorn. This post will give you the best pic currently available out there! We gather many images with some of the most brilliant picture around the web.

Here our collection of arowana vs flowerhorn Image Gallery

showthread t=823 – e way to mix flowerhorn and arowana peacefully,

watch v=HHunvvY1Q7w – Flowerhorn Fish Short Body,

jenis ikan hias air tawar termahal di – JENIS IKAN HIAS AIR TAWAR TERMAHAL DI INDONESIA,

10 flowerhorn vs 13 large mouth bassquite disturb – 10 Flowerhorn vs 13 mouth bass Quite Disturb,

watch v=vQUYHqNFBsc – Asian arowana Red Chilli,

watch v=zh9V7XG6IWU – 大型魚混泳水槽 Red Tail Golden Arowana Tank,

watch v=Mchz0uckf38 – Feeding Flowerhorn silver arowana Giant gourami,

ue90gI3hFxo – arowana vs flowerhorn,

zn0FBwptjkY – Two Flowerhorn and Arowana to her in the same tank201,

watch v=TVd5Z ev1jk – Leichardti Arowana,

new stock of red pearl srd flowerhorns from thailand – New Stock of Red Pearl SRD Flowerhorns From Thailand,

watch v=Rww94W6 YeE – Arowana fish tank Oscar Parrot Flower Horn In tank In My,

showthread t=1665 – Arowana and Flowerhorn posters Toronto Arowanaclub Canada,

watch v=B0q9Rg58JmI – 240 Gallon Fish Tank with new Australian Arowana and,

watch v=osD34Pek0i4 – HD Silver Arowana & Jardini Arowana with music,

my flowerhorn growth chart – My flowerhorn growth chart,

watch v=z20P4Lgw4n0 – 大型魚混養缸 Black Pacu Black Jardini Arowana & flowerhorn,

watch v=mwp8pr2m2ks – Arowana australijska Scleropages jardini ZOO Łódź,

red kamfa flowerhorn – Red Kamfa Flowerhorn,


index n=103 – Arowana Fish Talk AFT Gallery Flowerhorn,

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