Smart Strategies About Black Arowana Size for Arowana Breeder You’re Doing It Wrong

Who thought that a big strange fish will attract thousands of admirers and hobbyists? Just look at the arowana fish and one will know why. It resembles the crust dragon, which is a symbol of power and good fortune. People associated this with the art of feng shui and how could one harness its luck attracting energy. This is why in Hong Kong; the belief is strong that any kind or variety of the arowana brings in luck and good energy in a household. That is why the trade for the arowanas is booming.

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Awesome black arowana size Care Tips You Need to know including Gallery

The arowana fish has a wide following of adoring arowana admirers all over the world. Since the market for arowanas has increased and also the price of an arowana has been steadily increasing we are now seeing more arowana for sale ads online.

Hopefully by writing this article I will be able to give you some insight into what to look for when buying an arowana. An arowana nowadays can be expensive to buy and look after so hopefully the few tips below will help you to choose a healthy fish and help you to look after it for years to come.

Here are some important points to note when trying to pick an arowana for yourself.

1. The arowana is mostly found swimming close to the top of the water. It should be gliding effortlessly back and forward across the tank and turning with ease. Keep an eye on the arowana for a few minutes in the tank to make sure that this is what the fish is doing. If the arowana is continuously swimming near the bottom of the tank or looks awkward in any way you are best to avoid buying.

2. For a healthy arowana the scales should be shining. Whether the fish is a silver arowana or a golden arowana, then the fish should radiate its proper colour.

3. The arowana has a long thin muscular shape which you will recognize with all breeds of arowana. There should be no marks, dimples or bumps along the body of the fish.

4. The eyes of an arowana should look natural and clear. They should not bulge or protrude out like that of a goldfish.

5. Taking a look at the scales on an arowana is very important. They should be all the one color and look natural and healthy. If there is any sign of discoloration or blotching along the length of the scales then this could be the sign of an infection.

6. The fins are another very important aspect to look at when choosing an arowana. The fins should be fully open when the fish is swimming around. The fins themselves should be all as one and have no breaks or tears in them. If there are breaks in the fins its not the the worst thing as the fins will grow back within 3-4 weeks but it can be a sign of bad handling or transportation.

7. The last tip I would give you before you purchase your arowana would be to ask the shop or previous owner what diet the arowana fed. Sometimes an arowana can be a picky eater but if the fish has been exposed to a range of foods at a young age then it will make your life easier when it comes to feeding later on.

I hope you will have found some tips in this article that will help you when deciding to buy an arowana. Some types and breeds of arowana don’t come cheap so be alert and informed before handing over your money.

if black arowana size are what you are in search for, then you are in a right place. This post will give you the best images currently available out there! We put together many pictures with some of the most cool image around the internet.

Find your favorite image in black arowana size Image Gallery

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