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Like all aquarium fish, the natural habitat of Arowanas dictates how they may be best cared for in captivity. Although Arowanas have been kept in captivity for decades, this is but a drop in the bucket in terms of their existence in the wild.

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Recommended o arowana disease Care Information You Need to know and Gallery

In general, Arowanas are classified according to their three colors. These would include red, green and silver. The red will be those Arowanas with scales under the shade of red, like the golden Arowana, or the red Arowanas. For the silver color, it will include those Arowanas with dull colors, like the black Arowana. Then, there are the green ones.

Myths have surrounded Arowanas because of their similarity to the dragons of the Chinese. Known as the keeper of good fortune, dragons have been worshipped by so many Asian countries. This is the reason why many love to collect Arowana aquariums for themselves. However, not all Arowanas are lucky for everyone.

The color of the fish will determine if it is lucky or not. According to many mythical literatures, the bright colors signify good luck. Following that trail of thought, all Arowanas under the red Arowana category are lucky. This was proven by so many experiences in Asia, but you do not have the means to prove if those claims are actually true. No wonder the price of the red species of this fish is relatively high as compared to the other type of fishes.

For the famous silver Arowana of South America, the fortune that they can produce, according to myths, is smaller when compared to the good fortune red Arowanas can give. Aside from the dull aura of these colors, the gloom in these hues was associated by the superstitious beings as a hindrance to the total luck Arowanas can bring. This is also the reason why Arowanas of these colors are much cheaper than the red ones.

The third type of Arowanas is the worst in providing fortunes. In fact, as many mysticism books mentioned, green Arowanas provide bad luck to its owners. As of now, no valid study is conducted to prove otherwise, even the claims mentioned for the other two types. However, many are still believing those claims, and the consequences that happen accidentally were instantly associated with the Arowanas.

In case you would want to try the different capacity of Arowanas to help you in your financial problems, please bear in mind that not all myths are true. In fact, most of the time, they are not. If you will invest on Arowanas for the sake of the fortune that it can brought, you may end up frustrated. In those remarks, it would then be helpful to consider Arowanas just as pets or beautiful creatures that enhances the look of your living room.

Maximise your arowana knowledge with this o arowana disease. This post will give you the best pic currently available out there! We put together a list of pictures with some of the most sleek image around there.

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showthread t= &page=2 – of members m tanks & aros Page 2,

black blue arowana osteoglossum ferreirae – Black Blue Arowana Osteoglossum ferreirae – Wel e to,

– 2 Baby Silver Arowana Osteoglossum Bicirrhosum,

– Kath1933 s Freshwater Fish ID Full Version,

osteoglossum bicirrhosum – Osteoglossum bicirrhosum – Silver Arowana Ischnosoma,

showthread Odd bar it restock – Odd bar it restock,

showthread Odd bar it restock – Odd bar it restock,

asian arowana fish – Asian Arowana Fish,

index n=55 – Arowana Fish Talk AFT Gallery Aquarama 2013 Arowana,

osteoglossidae gigas – Silver arowana,

banjar red arowana pictures – Banjar Red Arowana,

fwpotd43 – FWPOD43,

showthread Cynotilapia zebroides “Jalo reef” – Cynotilapia zebroides “Jalo reef”,

showthread t= – Blisters on aro head Arofanatics Fish Talk Forums,

stock photo silver arowana or arahuana osteoglossum bicirrosum ian fish – Silver Arowana or Arahuana Osteoglossum bicirrosum,


osteoglossum bicirrhosum – Silver Arowana osteoglossum bicirrhosum s,

osteoglossum bicirrhosum 369 – Osteoglossum bicirrhosum,

mon arowana diseases – mon Arowana Diseases,

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